Letter I Want To Send


annoyed face 3



When I open the door to your building of wretched residence, I am of course a visitor to your territory.  I should be wary of where I  step and be sure to wipe my shoes.  I should be expected to say my “please” and “thank yous”.

YET, I cannot help to think being a visitor does not demand I be your doorman.  As I try to enter your sadly looming dorm building, how dare you, tenet of said building, believe I was holding the door open for you….for eight of you. And while you all clearly thought I held it open for you out of the happiness of doing great unto others, not a single thank you was emitted…rather death looks were given in my direction while I stand in the sleet.  HOW DARE I?!

It is the ignorant people of youth, such as yourselves, that give all people of our generation the degrading label of ignorant, expectant and rude.

I refuse to categorize myself as one of you, you filthy petty demanding dorm-dweller. Do not brag you can ‘hang’ with me when YOU wear sweats to class, don’t bother to wash the sweat from your putrid smelling body, use your body as an object, and treat objects as miniscule facets of no value.  You are nothing like me so please do not draw out similarities. This is why I graciously bit my lip and did not trip you.  I hope and pray you are the exception and not the rule when compared to all young mules.

With Regards,

Slightly embarrassed Senior


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