Bury Me In Gold


I was told to kiss ass
Use manners and abide
To avoid second class.
Told to stand aside
and shut my smartass
mouth, be quiet with pride.
To sit still
Fold my hands, act lady like
In order to avoid going downhill
I listened to the Third Reich.
I was shown how to do it right
To bite my tongue,
And keep from being forthright.
I was led to believe in one way
Stare into the beam of light
Reminded to never go astray
For a petty personal fight
Not aligning with set way.
I was guided along the grain
I was formed within a mold
I was born in a copy machine

I was scolded for choice A
I was scolded for choice B
For not being a perfect X-ray
Craving to be free
I was shunned like a sinner on All Saints Day.

No scars, no bruise
Without a grandor story
No hesitation nor regrets
In chosen tracks

No color unwelcome
In the life story rainbow
No deposits made
Without interest paid

Before you place me in the cold
And leave me for naught
Fill my bed with Gold
So my happiness can be bought

Lower me down inch by inch
Slow enough to sink in
Turn my ears down so I can listen
To beating heart of the earth

Roll till my heart is down,
So I can love the ground’s natural thirst
Allow my face to greet Earth first
My adulterous face to meet its final mask

While you peer down and ruminate
“she wore this—
— looked like this”

Let the sun beat down
And magnify how you judge
Effecting the way you sweat

Let the sun beat down
And meet my Moon.
Enjoy the reflection the Moon offers you

Don’t break your downward gaze,
Rather bend and bestow a peck;
Please bury me below the sweet green grass
So the critics have to bow down to kiss my ass.


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