Off to the pub, the delighted seniors skip
Off to enjoy four dollar pitchers
and reminisce moments in class they didn’t know answers.
These seniors gulped–they had not time for freshman-like sips
These seniors got up and left a fat tip
tracking onto the next event– beer pong, frisbee, or Kappa Kabana dancers?
No agenda, for these seniors are not planners.
They ran, they tanned, they boozed, they skinny dipped
They pulled pranks, day dreamt, they ditched classes.
These seniors laughed at being called students and created memories
by guzzling shots and smoking that funky grass.
Senior hooligans hooted and hollered
Whilst creating out for their best-selling autobiographies.

What I would dream senioritis to be–
If I had time to be…breathe…or dream…

Craving Senioritis


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