New hair, new game, new me


I sit in the chair. THe ever moving, revolving chair that my feet dangle too far from the floor to control my destiny.

“So what’re we doing today?” Kristen smiled and made me squirm because of the amount of control being handed to me, despite Kristen’s use of the communcal rponoun.

“Well. Um. I was thinking. Maybe, kind of, just, cuttingitalloff. I think. I want to…but… What do you think??” I finished quickly and raised my eyes to look in the mirror to see Kristen’s reaction.


I looked at my reflection. The cool breeze from the open door ran across my bare neck. I tried to push a lock of hair behind my ear, but it chose to lay out in front and be xposed. I thought of hos I just rid myself of the options of different hairstyles — I now could only have this style.: exposing my neck, ears, shoulders and face. It freed me of my hair twirling habit.

I was exposed.

I smiled.

No longer hidden, hidden beneath dead follicles of hairs, my skin alive skin was open for criticism and interaction. Just as a snake sheds its skin for a fresher coat, I exposed myself for a better look–a better life. Acceptance of myself and acceptance of others interacting with me.


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