Yoga Lessons


I have recently taken up hot yoga again, as I have decided to continue to live with my parents for another year and save money towards a downpayment. When I renewed my membership at my favorite yoga practice, I realized my favorite instructor is no longer teaching at this location. I was crushed, by signed up anyways and decided to search for a new favorite. After I tried out five new teachers that week, I was exhausted from yoga and the teaching style that didn’t jive with my personal yoga practice. There was one more teacher to try, so I figured I might as well give him a go before I stop yoga again. It was the best decision I have made in a while.

The first lesson I learned from new yoga instructor:
You will struggle
I almost died in my very first hot yoga session. I counted the minutes until it was over. Looking back, all I did was count the minutes. I wasn’t engaged in any type of yoga or relaxation…so what was the point? Now, I have learned that being in a 100 degree room is symbolic of the struggles we face in our lives. The humidity, which is caused by all of the people sweating, symbolizes the added struggle that others can put on us unconsciously. Practicing yoga, and living yoga off the mat has helped me to realize that not only living through the struggles, but embracing them and harnessing them make you stronger. They make you ready for the next struggle. They allow you feel stronger so you can actively seek out challenges to make yourself even better and stronger than you imagined. And the stability exercises at the end of the session? My yoga instructor always encourages us to “use the energy in the room” as our fuel. We feel strong to help another person that is struggling feel strong. We use his strong voice as a reminder that we,too, can be strong after the struggle.

Hot yoga is not about the 100 degree humid room that makes your car stink of dead skunk for weeks. It’s about learning to apply the lessons learned inside, to outside.

Learning to live life off the mat, Namaste Bitches.


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